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Support Swesco’s Wall Completion Project

Gone are the days when students breaking bounds through the bushes to go to Swedru town was the main headache for the headmasters! However, the current expansion of Asafo and Swedru towns’ residential areas and businesses has brought new challenges for our beloved school.

As the current headmistress, Madam Golda Andam, points out, the school now faces additional challenges, including: 1. Invasion of animals, with cattle grazing onto the school compound. 2. The public using the school compound as a thoroughfare. 3. Persistent instances of students taking advantage of the uncompleted wall to break bounds, which has become increasingly rampant.

To address these challenges, we need to complete the existing wall by adding an additional 2100 feet. This crucial project requires GH 215,300 (approximately $20,000). We are thrilled to share that some students and year groups have already shown their support through donations and pledges. So far, the school has received 90 bags of cement as a donation, with 50 pledged bags to be redeemed from one year group. Another year group has generously donated GH 3500.00.

Now, it’s our turn to step up and make a difference. Swesco Alumni USA, let’s come together and raise the sum of $20,000.00 to complete this wall. We believe that if each Swesconian in the USA contributes a minimum of $20 (donations from any part of the world are appreciated), we can achieve our target.

To contribute, please use Zelle and send your donations to info@swescoalumniusa.org. We assure you that all donations will be accounted for, and we will ensure that the funds go directly towards the completion of the school wall.

By completing this fence wall, we will not only enhance the security of Swesco but also preserve the sanctity of our alma mater. Together, we can make a significant impact and protect the future of our school.

For a better understanding of the project and its importance, please watch the video description of the school wall.

Thank you for your generous support and dedication to Swesco!


Dr. Bernard Kwabi-Addo

President of Swesco Alumni USA